Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

Craft gins have become all the rage recently. Some of our friends (you know who you are) have all sorts of gins in their cupboards and always on the look out for new ones.

When we were looking for local, boutique experiences to recommend to our guests and friends we didn’t think we’d find a small business that’s offering gin making classes.

I was taken to Dartington as a child to see the glass works. When looking for things to do in the area had a look to see if it was still open. I saw that the glass works had gone and one of the things on the site is the Devon Gin School.  Given gin is all the rage and friends like it, we got in touch with them.

We went along to one of their classes. They limit the number of people in each class so you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions before designing and distilling your own bottle of gin. Oh, and you get to have a couple of gin and tonics whilst you’re making your own.

There were plenty of botanicals to choose from and they even keep a record of your selection on file ready for when you want to order more.

What I loved about this experience was that it’s a small firm that’s being recognised across the UK by restaurants, breweries and distilleries. You get a real sense of quality and know you’re supporting the growth of a local business. They also believe in doing things in a sustainable way. We noticed that the tonics came from Devon-based Luscombe. Our gin came in a stylish glass bottle rather than plastic.

We’re able to offer our guests vouchers for their gin making classes at a special price. You can take part in this fun activity during a stay at The Cottages at Blackadon Farm. When you say bottoms up when drinking the gin at home, you’ll be able to reminisce about your holiday with us.

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