Drinking Responsibly with Two Drifters

We’re all familiar with the expression Drink Responsibility, however it means something different to our friends at the Two Drifters Brewery & Distillery.

Being responsible is about being sustainable. They are the world’s first carbon negative brewery and distillery.

At Blackadon Farm, we are also passionate about sustainability. That’s why we got in touch with the Two Drifters to see how we could work together.

The Two Drifters operate in a carbon neutral building and 100% zero emission energy. They have an electric vehicle to make their deliveries. It doesn’t stop there. Any emissions that come from the production of things like the production and manufacturing of their ingredients are more than offset against a method called Direct Air Capture.

They are focusing on rum at the moment although have produced some great tasting beers. Recently, they were featured on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen. It’s worth watching. You’ll certainly pick up on the passion of the owners for making a responsible drink.

The founders have a great story to tell. Russ used to be a chemist so is used to experimenting with things to get great results.

The Two Drifters offer tours on their premises. You can pop up the road to Exeter to see them. However, if our guests would like a tasting evening, we’re able to offer them in our cottages. That saves the carbon footprint of a number of vehicles travelling to the distillery and you won’t need to worry about allocating a designated driver.

It’s worth doing with family or friends and very reasonably priced. You might even want to take some home with you and the rum is available at a special price for people who book at tasting session. You no longer need to get a great tasting rum from the Caribbean. Get one from Devon!

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