Devon’s Perfect Retreat Venue

We’re open every day of the year so if you’re planning a New Year New You retreat, would like to help clients align their chakras, provide full body detox programmes or looking for the perfect place for a mindfulness weekend, we’re your natural choice. Four night week day retreats tend to be an attractive duration, although seven night stays and three night weekends are popular too.

We’ve been described as one of the best retreat centres in the UK by clients. They love that we can provide a convenient place for their participants to reach, have flexible indoor and outdoor spaces and provide high-end bedrooms that are conducive to a great night’s sleep thanks to the wonderful beds. The rooms have ensuites with powerful showers to keep guest feeling refreshed.

Meet our retreat guest ambassador

Shortly after we arrived and renovated the property and were in the midst of the first covid lockdown, we were blessed to receive a phone call that left us feeling warm and fuzzy.

Kitty Campion was on the other end of the line. In the world of natural, alternative therapy, Kitty is a legend. Kitty’s research, nearly 45 years of practice, her herbal pharmacy and wisdom that is also shared through a dozen or so industry best selling books, means there are always waiting lists to get on her courses here. It’s also amazing to see participants travelling from across the world to take part in the programmes.

Here’s what Kitty had to say when leaving here second course here in April 2022:

“My second return with a group taking over the whole complex. In all my 40 years of teaching all over the world I have never found the perfect combination of superb site/accommodation and perfect hosts till now. Every need was promptly addressed. Every request kindly dealt with. A perfect home for my courses.”

We’ve also been fortunate that Kitty has referred other retreat groups and individual guests to us.

The best bits for a perfect retreat

Location: Dartmoor has a magical vibe. Whilst the location is very accessible, the venue feels like it is in the middle of nowhere.

Range of accommodation: Bedroom configurations mean friends can share or participants have private rooms.

Work spaces: An area called The Den is ideal for indoor yoga, or when the weather is warm, retreats often hold sessions on the guest lawn. Each cottage has a separate lounge and dining area, so these can also be used for activities such as massages, coaching and other therapies.

Group sessions: The main lounge and dining area in The Great Barn are huge spaces, meaning there are always options to have everyone together.

Anything else: Although some groups like to be here and detach from everyday life, super fast WiFi provides an option to keep in touch with loved ones.

Be like Kitty. Please pick up the phone and ask how we can help you host your perfect retreat.

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